Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The deer family reunited again in Aunt B's Backyard. Mama doe and the twins visit regularly to munch on the greens and corn.
The fawn hardly has any 'spots' left. Almost looks like Mama at this point except he's smaller.
They kept watching something off in the distance...and I'm always hoping to look and see 'Mr. Bear' but...
There he was, 'Uncle Buck'. He decided to show himself now dressed in his winter attire. He shed almost all of his beautiful, golden-brown coat.
I believe he belongs on the wall, in a picture, of course, not just his beautiful face!
Don't get any ideas 'Mr. Hunter' because 'Aunt B' will be doing some 'hunter-chasing' again in the Fall!!
Thanks for visiting, hope you had fun!!

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