Wednesday, October 03, 2007


This 'fella' was found by my husband while he was working, a couple of weeks ago. He was created from a tree in the owners front yard. Unfortunately, I visited at a later date and didn't have the nerve to approach the people and ask if I could shoot the back of the creation. My husband says it's carved into a black bear reaching for a squirrel. I would love to see it!!If you look closely, you can see the squirrel and an acorn at the top. The detail is just beautiful! I would love to have a few of these in "Aunt B's Backyard" but at the price of approximately $600.00 to do this masterpiece, I think I'll pass! Maybe someday, when hubby is with me, I will be able to photograph the back portion.My little deer family doesn't visit as often any more, probably due to the abundance of acorns elsewhere. However, last evening before I walked the dog, they came in and nibbled at the corn scattered on the ground. It was nice to see them. The young buck's little 'buttons' have grown just a bit.He doesn't look like he's only about four months old any longer! The poor color of the photos is due to bad lighting at the time, sorry!Mama seems to have gotten some kind of injury to her shoulder. She still seems to be able to move her head and neck just fine despite it. Sure wish I would go to her and check it out!! It was nice to see them again, even though they didn't stay around long.
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