Monday, May 25, 2009


Today... just let your imagination go.
Just sit back, and enjoy the day!


  1. ...a heart in the sky...beautiful! The chipmunk is crazy cute and the blue flower is exquisite. I had to go back three times because everything was so interesting.

  2. Absolutely awesome! each an every one!

  3. So very soothing to the eye Brenda! Thanks for sharing the beauty. :c) Have a wonderful day.

  4. KELLY...I just couldn't figure out wat a heart in the sky was trying to tell me. I guess, someone was sending me love! That was such a sweet comment, Kelly. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks!

    JEN...So sweet of you to say, Jen, thanks!

    JAYNE...Such a wonderful prospective you have Jayne, thank you!

  5. A wonderful selection Brenda. I am pleased to find out what your name is at last. :) Naturally I love the "small" stuff, but the squirrel and chipmunk(?) is so cute. :)

  6. What beautiful pictures, Brenda! You certainly have a knack for capturing the little things and the creatures in your backyard. I wish I had the talent to do the same for my backyard (or front yard, for that matter). I just installed a new nyjer feeder out front and the goldfinches are loving it. So I hope to get some decent pictures to share someday.

  7. Every one of these pictures is a strong testimony to your photography giftings! I love them all, even the fly! Other thoughts:

    How much can a chipmunk fit in there?

    The cloud reminds me of the pillar of cloud in the desert that guided the Israelites.

    What a GORGEOUS flower picture! What kind is it?

    Is the hairy wp taking a rest break?

    All your photos are SO CRISP! Love the bunting especially!

  8. You are such a great photographer - each and every photo is spectactular!

    Beautiful things to ponder...I love the heart in the sky the best ;)

  9. Brenda - your pics are just beautiful! I love all of the little critters.....but I do LOVE the heart in the sky! I think someone from above is sending down some love!

  10. Brenda - that was me who made the above comment.....the other Brenda J. It wouldn't let me put in anything except anonymous.

  11. Aunt B: Very nice set of captures, quite similar to what I see.

  12. DAVE'S BIRDWATCHING BLOG...Geez, what can I say, I've always loved photography from the time I was a little girl. I still have so much to learn. To answer your questions...I think that chippy packs it in there till it starts to hurt.
    Good thought on the heart cloud. That was just awesome, I don't know what made me look up there at that time.
    The flower is one close to my heart...long story. It's a blue flax bloom.
    The hairy woodpecker was feasting on some chicken bones I had just put there. I think it's a juvenile and was just being awkward.
    Thanks, Dave, I'm humbled!!

    MARSHA...thank you for the very sweet comment, Marsha, you, too, inspire me!!

    BJ...I'm sorry you had trouble, I don't know what caused that...I guess another blogger glitch!
    You know, I always ask for a sign from my Mom, maybe she was sending me one...tears!

    FISHING GUY...thanks, FG, we do seem to cross each other's paths, don't we!

  13. Stunning shots, amazing clarity, very nice indeed :)

  14. MIKE-FENPHOTOGRAPHY...thank you Mike, that means so much to me!!

  15. That heart cloud is amazing!
    All your photos here are sooo nice!

  16. That chikmonk stole my heart! Adorable! Loved the clouds too!

  17. I love all these pictures!! That one of the spider is so super cool. I also like the very last one with the squirrel up against the tree. He looks like he's planning something big!


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