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This is the story of NIKKI, my 10-week-old Pit Bull Terrier. I adopted her from the Westmoreland County Humane Society in Greensburg, PA, over a week ago. She was approximately 14 pounds at that time. Previously known as Nicknack, she is a blue and white pitty and was taken from a very neglectful situation, by a humane officer at the shelter. I couldn't find out any history or details due to privacy issues; it's probably better that way, since I don't want any mental images!! She and her brother were both at the shelter when I adopted her. I wish I could have adopted him as well, but with having Maya, my 6-year-old boxer at home, I know my limits!
Nikki, is already spayed and microchipped by the shelter and is up-to-date with her shots. She has the most beautiful blue/grey eyes!!
The shelter is an hour and a half drive from my home and I knew I would need a harness for her so I called my daughter to meet me at a local pet store to fit her with a harness. While there, we bought her a few toys and food dishes.
I choose using a harness on this type of dog since they are broad-shouldered and it gives me more control of the body rather than putting all of the stress on their neck, as you can see in the following photo.

You can see in the next photos, the baby gates are up again!! I thought they were stored away for good!! Poor Maya doesn't understand why she's blocked from the kitchen, unless it's play time for the two of them.

This is a highly supervised time while they are going through the 'get-acquainted' stage. Those razor-sharp puppy teeth could provoke an unwanted but necessary nip from Maya, just to let her know that her behavior is unacceptable. Align Center There is alot of sleep time in the crate for Nikki since she is still a puppy (baby) as well as play time outdoors, chasing her ball and frisbee. Crate training is very important for puppies. It's a safe and secure place for them.

Eat, sleep, pee, poop and play, what a cycle! I must be crazy going through all of this again...just when my life was quiet and normal!! She is so loveable with all of the people she meets. Socialization is a big must for her, with both canine and humans.

If anyone has any advise or tips that you care to share on puppies or pitty's, please feel free to comment. I hope to update weekly or even more, depending on how much sleep I get, hehe.


  1. She's adorable! Yes, it is just like bringing a new baby home, isn't it? I know she will bring you years and years of joy.

  2. Bless your heart. I used to raise dogs and sell them for a lot of money so I always feel a bit guilty when I read of someone like you. Before we could afford the AKC variety, however, we had several "pound puppies" that we dearly loved. There's a lot to be said for the good-old American mutt. It's kind of a grab-bag approach to dog ownership, however, because you really don't know what you're getting sometimes. My GSDs are bred to be working dogs with jobs, so maybe that justifies my addiction to the breed. Anyway, good on ya, girlfren'.

  3. Thanks for the visit, Donna!! We all have different needs and desires when it comes to our furry family members. Mine is to rescue, nurture and love yet another unwanted animal.
    Even if it's not a perfect situation, somehow we learn to adjust and make the best. I love all of them!!

  4. Watch the "Dog Whisperer" favorite show. She's a cutie..have fun

  5. Hi Carol, thank you for visiting my Backyard!!
    Isn't Cesar's show the greatest! Thank you for the sweet comment about Nikki, she is getting so big so fast!

  6. Hi,
    I am a new follower. You have an interesting blog and I respect you for taking in a rescue dog. I too, did that for an Aussie/ border collie mix. Nikki is a lucky dog.
    wanna buy a duck

  7. Aww..what a cutie..
    You are so kind to adopt this pup!
    i look forward to more of her.

  8. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  9. Lovely dog!

  10. Bless your heart and the fact that you rescued little Nikki!I love to hear good stories about innocent animals..they have no voice..good for you for adopting her..lets pray her brother has her luck. I'm sure the animal shelter will be particular when adopting out abused animals.
    This post made my heart sing..
    a voice for the animals..naturegirl


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